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LEA esports Developers

LEA esports developers is a Sri Lankan based organization specialized in event hosting and development of Electronic Sports.

LEA esports developers is a group of company from SYN esports developers Spain and SEA esports developers Japan. With an over-looking team of esports developers from Japan, team LEA is represented by Sri Lankan esports expertise. We aim to elevate the progressive success of esports in Sri Lanka and to provide top notch service to the community.

LEA esports developers is determined to host esports championships by also providing
a platform for local talents to showcase their skills and expertise island wide and in the global context.


Shine On Lanka

SHINE ON LANKA which was established in 2020, is a leading entity in Sri Lanka which is committed to import spices, distribute health watch, health care products and engage in investing for major agricultural projects.

Our pioneering effort is to reinforce the agricultural industry and enhance heath care facilities through our health care items in the country to achieve envisioned goals. Unparalleled quality is a key feature of all our products and services and we continue to achieve our level of excellence in all our solutions.



Dibujar Sueño

As the pioneering portfolio of mushroom industry, Tesoro truffle based in Spain operates as an exporter of highest quality mushroom around the world. Meeting with the demands of the global market, Tesoro truffle cultivates and exports mushroom which surpass international standards.


Food Value Creation

Food value creation is a well-established producer of Japanese dishes, based in Japan. We supply an extensive collection of Japanese meals of varying taste to satisfy the cravings of the local market. All our products undergo quality standards to ensure that quality and flavour of our meals meet our level of excellence.


Kyoshin Lanka

As the pioneering portfolio of energy generation, KYOSHIN LANKA strives to implement manufacturing, importing, exporting, processing, assembling and repairing of solar systems including panels, inverters and LED (Light-emitting diode) lights in both local and international market. Our commitment is to produce nuclear, stem, hydro or tidal, water, wind, solar and hydrocarbon fuel power to meet present and future needs.


Yamato Japan

Registered as a private entity, YAMATO JAPAN is geared to supply machinery, building material, scaffolding and logistic services. As the demands of the current market are very high, we take priority in delivering quality and reliable service to all our clients. Our services are rendered with the potential of meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.


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