Solar Power Systems

Solar power is highly demanded today more than ever for the great benefits it bring to the users as well as to the environment. Solar energy enables you to save on your electricity bill. This renewable source of energy is valued for its environmental friendliness and the positive contribution it makes to our mother earth. West Power Japan is specialised in bringing solar power systems to satisfy the energy demands of the country. Solar power systems are composed of photo voltaic (PV) panels, inverters and cable tray.

Solar power systems are mounted on the roofs of residential commercial buildings. State-of-the-art technology and our expertise make us the pioneers in the renewable energy generation industry. Solar power is the cheapest source of electricity and more and more people choose to shift to green energy for the numerous financial benefits.

Solar Panel Installation

As a pioneering entity which strives to make a sustainable energy revolution in the country, West Power Japan offers you end-to-end
solar panel installation facilities. Our professional experts will assist you from the beginning to the end of the project. We provide
complete integrated services including, site visit, documentation process, installation and interconnection process. We ensure that we
use cutting-edge technology at all levels in order to maintain the quality standards in our works.

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