Business Consulting

Possessed with a wealth of knowledge and experience on business consultation, West Power Japan provides strategies with real results for
startups, small scale, medium scale and large scale businesses. We help investors from Sri Lanka and Japan to collaborate in business
ventures with the aim of bridging Sri Lankan and Japanese business sectors. Our business consulting includes arranging business discussions
between Sri Lankan and Japanese companies and guiding the companies to achieve their business goals.

Our consultation specialists are here to assist you with providing expert knowledge on the market, identifying and overcoming the challenges
in the industry, providing business objectives, training employees and enhancing organizational effectiveness. We will work with you by
delivering result-oriented strategies in achieving the envisioned objectives throughout the journey. Moreover, we will offer you step by step
guidance on registering your company. Discover how to create the correct foundation for your business with West Power Japan.

Skilled Migration

We hold prestige of providing complete skilled migration services to individual clients and corporate clients. As the pioneering skilled immigration consultants, we are committed to transform the migration dream of students and skilled employees in to reality. We work in close inspection with your budget and time requirements and will lead the way for you until you reach your desired destination. Process though your visa application procedure easily with the guidance of well qualified and experienced consultants.

Providing Banking Facilities

AT West Power Japan, we provide banking facilities for any type of business.
Our banking facilities come with cutting-edge technology and unmatched
customer service. Business banking accounts can help your business in
different ways. Our key banking features such as online banking, business
loan facilities, credit loan facilities can become a secure way to handle your
business finance.

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